About Me


My name is Camilo, I’m from Brazil, and I’m currently living in sunny Malta!

I’m a C# developer, and I’m work at KPMG Crimsonwing, allocated at MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority).

My last jobs in Brazil were in a startup named ‘Looke’ and, on my free hours, I coded a movie portal named ‘Pipoca Online’ (https://pipocaonline.com.br) with the intent of being a repository about movies, TV series and artists, where the user searches for information and, if possible, is exposed to ‘leads’ to ‘Looke’ website.

Smart TVs work

At ‘Looke’ I was the Technical Leader for SmartTVs and Windows Apps (Desktop and Mobile) platforms. The role was quite challenging since I was responsible for maintaining and develop the application for the majors Smart TV manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, AOC/Philips and TCL.

2017-08-15Looke for Smart TV

The Smart TV app uses the ASP.Net MVC, Sammy.JS (for the SPA) and Knockout.js. The views are in plain HTML, and the ViewModels are in Javascript. The main goal was made an adaptive app which detects the client (the Smart TV model) and adapts itself to the platform needs.

A Smart TV app also must consume a low amount of RAM and processing time, since Smart TVs have minimal hardware, for the UI, the challenge was to design a 10-foot experience, which is intended to be used right from your couch with remote control!

Avoid traps of the remote control and ensure that the user can do all tasks with a few clicks is not an easy task! You can get valuable tips on this link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/design/devices/designing-for-tv.

This is the result and, I’m very proud to say that the Looke App is pre-installed (in Brazil) at LG, Sony, Samsung, TCL and AOC/Philips!

UWP Work

Yes, I was a Windows Phone advocate! I used to love the platform and I was convinced it was the best phone platform and the UWP would be a game changer, after all, the same code would run in your PC and your phone!

Microsoft’s promise was fulfilled, but, in general, again, my opinion, the developers didn’t like it.

I think the reason was: you must code and take care of the UI, that must fit in a plethora of resolutions in the PC world! The user also must be allowed to change the window size, very common in a PC. The UI also must fit in a smartphone screen, and the buttons must be either mouse and finger friendly and soon (at that time, because now it already runs), runs at Xbox!

I embraced the new and coded the Looke App for Windows! It works in the PC and the, now dead, Windows Phone even in the ones with only 512Mb of RAM! The app even can play offline content way ahead of Netflix! When the Xbox One becomes compatible with the UWP Apps, I tried the app in an Xbox and… It worked! The UI was not fit perfectly, but the core (the DRM Player) is the same for all three platforms!

Microsoft Brazil has recognised our efforts and named the Looke App as an ‘Essential App’ to unlock the Windows 10 capabilities!

There is only one Brazilian app in this list, is the Looke, and I was the developer behind the app! The Xbox UWP app was in development when I leave the Looke.

The same UWP app is also used in the Univer Video Platform in Brazil with only a few changes.

2017-08-15 (2)The Looke app in the ‘Essential App List’

2017-08-15 (4)Looke – Home page

2017-08-15 (7)Looke – Content details

2017-08-15 (5)Looke – My videos page, downloading a content

2017-08-15 (6)Looke – Details of the download control buttons

PWA and the Pipoca Online Project

It is a repository in which the users can search (and find!) related information about movies, TV Series and artists!

My former employer requested the project, and the reason was to generate leads for your main business, the “Looke Website” while the user searches for information.

E.g., the user navigates to the Pipoca website to search for information about the ‘A Favorita’ movie, when the user sees the details about the movie, and, if it is available at the ‘Looke’ platform, the user will see a button inviting to watch the movie at the ‘Looke’ website.

2019-04-27 (2)Pipoca Online – Home Page

2019-04-27 (3)Pipoca Online – Content details and its lead to Looke

For the ‘Pipoca Project’, I did a PWA with the .Net Core MVC and MongoDB.

I created a separated API to manage the requests to TMDB, Looke services and the Pipoca’s MongoDB database.

The frontend is responsive since almost 60% of the users are mobile. The PWA ensure that there is an excellent cache to save the data and manage the off-line content, showing the “you’re off-line” page when it is needed (when the page is not cached yet)!

home_mobilePipoca Online – Mobile Home Page

detalhePipoca Online – Mobile content details and its lead to Looke

Pipoca Online – “You are off-line” Page

To manage the front-end, there is an Azure Function which is responsible for getting all the necessary data, combine it, and store in the MongoDB.

Previous Works at SKY Brazil

I worked for about 7 years at SKY Brazil (DirecTV/AT&T subsidiary), first as web developer for the institutional website, after this as a Technical Leader for SKY Online (SKY’s OTT Platform).

At SKY Brazil I coded the first version of SKY Online’s website and all APIs exposed to its partners (HBO, Globosat, Turner, etc.).

For the website that is online today, I wrote the APIs and acted as technical consultant during its implementation to ensure that the CMS was working fine with the APIs I wrote.

I also coded all integration between SKY and HBO using SAML and with others partners using O-Auth 1.0 and simple webservices, always using C#, Asp.Net MVC and Web.Api.

My best shot at SKY Brazil was, with SKY Brazil’s engineers team and Encripta’s team, execute an impressive change in only 3 weeks from Verimatrix to Microsoft Play Ready and launch the product working without major failures!

At that time, the Verimatrix solution wasn’t suited for Brazil because here, we love watch films with original audio with subtitles, and the Verimatrix wasn’t ready for this brazilian way to watch movies.

I also have proud about to be at Xbox One “Day One”! We put the SKY Online app at the Xbox One Store at its launching day!

Me, a little bit fatter than today and without beard at Xbox One launching party in Brazil


MERN Stack: I’m in love with REACT, REACT Native, Node.Js and the MongoDB flexibility!

And… Determinated on be fluent in English!

You are very welcome to come and talk to me!

All the best, ever!


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