Hey, ho, let’s go!

I started with NodeJS Node.js this weekend because I want to know WHY everyone want to start their new projects with it!

I always say: “Humm… no big deal, I can learn it in a few weeks!”. It’s a bold statement, I admit, but, with this post (and the next ones), I’ll try to explain how I face the new things in my life.

Let’s combine: I help you with my technical knowledge, you help me with my English! Deal?

Node.js, eh?! Well, 1st step: IDE, install, find help!

Choose an IDE! I’ll go with Visual Studio Code. Why? Well, I have used Visual Studio for about 15 years (I think…) and  seems to me a good decision! It’s free, light and… It’s Visual Studio! Download it from

For the installation, I navigated to and install the LTS version. Why? well I still not prepared to the current, with the latest features!

The instalation was pretty simple! “Next, next, finish”! Go! Try yourself! It’s easy!

For the help, I choose a course on Udemy.

There are very good courses and the bad ones! It’s a lottery but I recommend!

Why Node.js?

The course answer was very disappointing. The instructor said:

Q. “What is the advantage of using Node.js?”

A. “Provide an easy way to develop scalable networking systems”.

I’m not happy with the answer and looked for an answser that convinces me, and, I found this: and this two statements makes me go ahead!

Node.js is a politically neutral language.

I fully agree! Javascript is the “rice and beans” (as we says in Brazil for trivial things) for all Java and .Net developers which are web developers!

Node.js offers speed and a nonblocking I/O API

We’ll talk more about this statement later!

Hands on!

1st run


Create a dicrectory for your project. I created “NodeTests/FirstAttempt”


Right click on the folder that you’ll create your project and click on “Open with Code”.

2017-08-05 (1)

This is what you’ll see:

2017-08-05 (2)

Now, you need to open the integrated terminal (you’ll need to run some commands there) and, to do this, click on Ctrl + ‘.

This is what you’ll get.

2017-08-05 (3)

Writing some code and test if it’s working

Create a js file and write something that will be printed on the console.

  1. At left panel, click on “add” button;
  2. Name it and don’t forget to put the .js extension;
  3. At editor (right panel) write something to be printed on the console;
  4. Save.

2017-08-05 (4)

Run the command: node nameOfYourFile.js (mine is names.js) and your message will be shown at console!

2017-08-05 (6)

If you see this, congrats! The next steps will work too!


Q. What is Node.js? What can I do with Node.js?

A. Everything is here:

What I intend to do is make a fully functional website with a names search.

All names is fictional and the purpose is test the binary search performance and a future comparison with a .Net Core project!

How was my English in this post? Let me know!


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