Internet courses

Hey guys, I need to share my thoughts about the internet course that I’m doing: I’m very disappointed.

It’s very superficial and it limits to “read a recipe” of how to put the things running, but it doesn’t put the necessary details.

The beginners can be lost without understanding ‘how and why’ they must to do the things this way.

The course doesn’t even tells if a topic demands a deeper dive on a specific concept!

As I am an experienced developer, I always look for the official documentation and I always read it, because, I know that the things are not simple and easy as they shown on its courses.

They (the internet courses) need to instigate their curiosity and desire for more information on their students!

Once, talking to a trainee, I was explaining what was ‘GET’, ‘POST’, ‘PUT’, ‘DELETE’ and when to use them, and I heard: “This is bullshit, no one uses it that way!”.

I was telling that, if you had an endpoint, for example http://yourwebsite/api/user, if you ‘GET’ to the endpoint, passing an ID, you are asking for an information about a specific user, and, if you ‘POST’ to the same endpoint, passing the necessary parameters, you’ll create a new user and, the same for ‘PUT’ (will update the info about the given user) and ‘DELETE’ (will delete the given user).

I tried to argue that the response is also important, 200 (OK), 201 (Created), 204 (No content), how semantic it is, and so on, and, I received the same answer from the trainee!

The trainee was in the last term of his graduation in Computer Science…

There are something wrong with the courses (or the people)!


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