I tested Jetbrain’s Rider!

Hey guys, how you doing?

Today I would like to tell you how was my first attempt with Rider and this is the first impressions:

  • Blazin fast instalation;
  • Low RAM consumption;
  • Integrated “Resharper”;
  • “Natural” to use.

The Test

I use the singleton pattern on daily basis instead a static class because singleton is thread safe and it can have instance members, while a static class cannot. In a nutshell: I think is more flexible!

So… for the test, I coded a Singleton pattern and a xUnit test to prove that, even if you get two or more instances of the same class, all the instances will be equals!

Initiating the Rider

It’s fast and, this is what you’ll get: a clean and direct interface


I clicked at “New Solution” and created two projects at the same solution: one Class Library, other xUnit.

For the Singleton, I coded a typical class with some properties and I overrided the “ToString” method.

To follow the pattern, I made the constructor private and a public property named Instance, that creates a new instance if the Instance itself is null, or returns the previously created Instance.

2017-08-24 (14)

For the test, I declared two variables that are pointing to the same Instance of the “Singleton” class, I filled the first object and tested if the two variables was equals.

I changed the second object and tested the equality again, and, at the end, I tested if the result of the method “ToString” of the two objects are also were equals.

2017-08-24 (15)

The result!

They are equals, of course!

2017-08-24 (16)


The post is a “Rider” test, not about the design pattern and I felt very comfortable to use it! Things are where they should be and I don’t slow down during the test.

I think I can be fast as I am at Visual Studio and, for sure, it’s a valid alternative to Visual Studio.

Next post, Node.js again!


See you!

OBS. I’m still very insecure about my English. The things makes sense when I read it, but… and for you? Did you understand what I wrote?

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