Java on VS Code

I’m studying Python and data structures to prepare myself for an A.I. course and handle a lot of data. The Python course, well, uses Python, but for the data structure course, the language is Java.

I did a Java course about ten years ago, using the old Eclipse, but, this time, I decided to use my beloved Visual Studio Code, and I feced some problems to deal with the JDK, ANT e Maven.

I’m not a Java developer and I found everything ‘not straight forward’! Talking to a friend, Cezar Lamann (, he told me: Why don’t you use chocolatey? My answer: Thank you, mate! I’m using the Microsoft recipe I found on this page

Fact, all the pugnins were installed but, there was no Maven in the path, etc… So, I tried Chocolatey. AND I LOVE IT!

Here my step by step to configure my laptop to properly run Java code:

  1. I downloaded and installed the Visual Studio Code Java Pack Installer;
  2. I also downloaded and installed the Install the Java Extension Pack;
  3. I went to and installed the Chocolatey.

The same for Maven, Ant or the JDK, open the PowerShell and type:

choco install <the package>
Chocolatey 😉

Hope you like the tip!

Stay tunned and happy coding!

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