Bitwise Operators Part 4

Let's start to organise and code the POC! Remember: your code must be legible and understandable for other devs, so, follow a pattern is a good thing to do. There are a lot of strategies to do this, mine is "The simpler, the better". We'll organise the code with these folders: ViewModels;DataAccess;Repositories;BusinessLogic. After creating these … Continue reading Bitwise Operators Part 4

Bitwise Operators Part 3

Hey folks! Continuing with the Bitwise Operators POC, this is what we'll do: What we'll do A simple page using HTML + Javascript to create any states and combine them in a rule. Once the rule is created, you'll check if the rule is working. The POC For example, you can have the states: Sleeping;Awake;Seated;Standing … Continue reading Bitwise Operators Part 3