Bitwise operators part 9

Is comming to an end! With this part, we'll finish the logic and we'll start the UI. This post is about checking the states, the rules and test if, given a specific state, it is allowed to do something when you consult the rule. Our example has this states: loaded: 1 (00000001) playing: 2 (00000010) … Continue reading Bitwise operators part 9

Bitwise Operators Part 3

Hey folks! Continuing with the Bitwise Operators POC, this is what we'll do: What we'll do A simple page using HTML + Javascript to create any states and combine them in a rule. Once the rule is created, you'll check if the rule is working. The POC For example, you can have the states: Sleeping;Awake;Seated;Standing … Continue reading Bitwise Operators Part 3