Bitwise Operators Part 8

Yes, it's taking too long, but, better shorter posts than the long ones, am I right? I hope so! In this post, we'll start clearing all data. It's important when you're testing your implementations. The clearAllData method Here is straight forward! We already coded the clearData() in our localStateManager, so, let's call it, and then, … Continue reading Bitwise Operators Part 8

Bitwise Operators Part 3

Hey folks! Continuing with the Bitwise Operators POC, this is what we'll do: What we'll do A simple page using HTML + Javascript to create any states and combine them in a rule. Once the rule is created, you'll check if the rule is working. The POC For example, you can have the states: Sleeping;Awake;Seated;Standing … Continue reading Bitwise Operators Part 3